Dosing additives into base material

Dosing additives into base material




Name of contract:    Dosing additives into base material (CFA equipment)
Term of delivery:      2019

The project was implemented as a copy of the customer’s existing machine – automatic regulating machine. The supplied documentation (mechanical and electrical parts, including software) was used to manufacture and assemble a new automatic regulating machine.

Equipment cycle: 50 l of final material/minute – calculated from an empty mixing vessel
Capacity: up to 4 mixing vessels at once



The CFA equipment consists of 6 mixing vessels for the final material (6 × 50 l), which are fitted with FM-controlled stirrers. There is a pair of vessels (containers) above each of these mixing vessels for the additives (AROMA+COLOR). The device furthermore has 2 containers for adding syrup and kyselka (sour mineral water). 
The task of the project was to ensure the correct dosing of the above ingredients into the base material (gelatin), which was impregnated with them in the mixing vessels according to a “recipe” pre-selected on the operator panel (hereinafter OP). Individual recipes can be edited directly on the OP or imported from a database of files via USB. 
It was then necessary to ensure the product had been mixed well and delivered to the next production process. This electrical part used remote I/O modules to collect data and control individual components of the equipment. Communication with these modules, with the FM stirrers and other technologies (BOILING HOUSE, NID2 – casting) is based on PROFINET.


An integral part of the solution is the automatic cleaning of the entire equipment.


Key benefits of our solution

  • Minimization of time delays between individual mixing cycles
  • Detailed information on the operating status of the entire equipment
  • Possibility of adding new recipes or adjusting the mixing parameters depending on the quality/type of individual ingredients
  • Easy operation of the entire equipment

image                      Technological switchboard including new PLC

image                            CFA equipment

image                            Technological switchboard with operator panel