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Our experience – your advantage!

For 30 years, TEMEX has been offering specific customer solutions in the industrial automation market. We are not afraid to look for new solutions; where others leave off, we get started. The know-how we have acquired from many diverse industrial technologies has allowed us to develop standardized solutions and procedures for a variety of automated control systems, including measurement and regulation. We are therefore able to implement your project immediately, according to standardized rules and procedures, regardless of its complexity, whether it involves the control of a simple machine, the visualization of processes, or the automation of extensive technology.

Větrání a chlazení svěřte profesionálům

Trusting professionals with your ventilation and cooling

This center is responsible for ventilation and air conditioning equipment, including measurement and control. Our area of operation is in industrial companies, where we provide ventilation and cooling for large manufacturing and storage halls, for schools, kitchens, shopping centers, medical centers, cultural halls, laboratories, etc. We collaborate with renowned domestic and global manufacturers and use their products in our installations.

Vytváříme unikátní stroje a výrobní linky

We build unique machines and production lines

We specialize in the development, design and manufacture of single-purpose machines and automated production lines, which are not mass-produced anywhere else in the world. Over the past 20 years, we have developed hundreds of unique solutions, mainly for the automotive and electrical engineering industries. When designing a single-purpose machine, we use 3D digital design technology. We employ experienced experts, who make use of our standardized solutions and knowledge or modify them to create a completely new concept of machine or line.

Prodej: 4. pilíř naší společnosti

Sales: the 4th pillar of our company

An equally important pillar of our company is the sale of components for automation. In order to ensure they are delivered to you with the highest possible added value, we have made our Sales Department the fourth pillar of our company.
Many of us know firsthand the losses that are caused by a production outage. That is why we offer our customers warranty and post-warranty service.

Selected realization

Assembly line for EGR valve

Assembly line for EGR valve

  Automatic line with ionization blow and plasma cleaning system for parts when assembling the EGR valve   Basic parameters View of the line (visualization) Part of a line with a robot ...

End-forming line

End-forming line

Automation and effective merging of several workplaces into one unit with robots Basic parameters Part of the placement line - Robot 1 and Robot 2 Part of the line with the feeder for pressing end 2 ...

Precision drilling machine

Precision drilling machine

The drilling power of the machine is comparable with a CNC center, but our machine can also automatically load and remove parts, inspect the machined parts and put the OK ones on a pallet. Powerful, precise drilling + camera control a ...