Didactics – Equipment of technical classrooms

Vybavení odborných učeben

We are one of the key suppliers of comprehensive equipment for classrooms focused on automation, electrical engineering, robotics, hydraulics, mechatronics and mechanical engineering. We provide everything from robot delivery and programming up to lab tables, chairs and electronic workbooks with examples.


At TEMEX, we are well aware that the further development of the Czech Republic as a producer of advanced technologies is closely related to the development of technical and science education. Therefore, in recent years, TEMEX has been heavily involved in these fields of study. In particular, it concerns the supply of school equipment for workshops and technical classrooms in high schools and apprenticeships. We have taken this leadership even further and developed our own learning systems. Further activity in the field of education is the supply of multimedia electronic textbooks for mobile devices and traditional computing, which make learning more attractive and bring it closer to current trends.
Last but not least, we also cooperate with the academic environment by developing and supplying specific automated lines for the demonstration and education of the technological potential of the Industry 4.0.


The majority of vocational classroom equipment supplies are funded by grants. This means that the only way for us to do business in this area is to win a tender. Success depends on having sufficient quality references, the ability to offer high quality at a low price and, ultimately, a well-prepared quotation.  We pay close attention to all these aspects.
As a regular buyer of industrial automation components, pneumatic and hydraulic components, we are able to negotiate attractive purchasing conditions for our suppliers' training systems.
Our high-quality tender processing team, in-house technological innovations and excellent relationships with our suppliers have positioned us among the leaders in the supply of school technology equipment.


  • Supply of electronic interactive textbooks for Secondary Schools of Civil Engineering (2015)
  • Construction and delivery of an automation line, complying with the conditions of the Industry 4.0; Polytechnic College in Jihlava (2020)
  • Delivery of the classroom of Mechatronics and Automation - pneumatics and electropneumatics; Secondary Technical School Zlín, polytechnic branch - Vocational Training Centre (2018-19)
  • Delivery of Mechatronics Classroom for Liberec Region (2018-19)
  • MoVI-FAI - Small Robotic Workplace for Tomas Bata University in Zlín
  • Robotic manufacturing line for demonstration of the latest technologies and principles of the Industry 4.0; University of Mining and Metallurgy - Technical University of Ostrava
  • Delivery - FESTO teaching line for the Technical University of Liberec (2019)
  • Robotics and electro-pneumatics workshop equipment for the Secondary School of Informatics, Electrical Engineering and Crafts, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm (2020)
  • Delivery of a didactic modular workplace of industrial control system for the VŠ, SPŠ automotive and technical school, České Budějovice (2018)
  • Delivery of didactic modular workplace of industrial control system for SOŠ strojní a elektrotechnická Velešín (2018)
  • Supply and assembly of robotics and electropneumatics workshop equipment, including transport, installation and training of operators for SPŠE and Vocational School Pardubice (2018)
  • Supply of didactic aids - equipment, delivery incl. simulation software for digital twin creation for CTU in Prague (2018)


Where we excel:

  • Large and complex deliveries varying from small robots, through customized furniture up to unique teaching gadgets.
  • Delivery of educational kits for mechatronics, pneumatics and hydraulics.
  • Customized, unique turnkey solutions.
  • Equipment for electrical engineering and industrial automation classrooms.