Drying chamber

Sušicí komplex sestavený z komor DC01
Uvnitř sušicího komplexu sestaveného z komor DC01

Successful food drying = the perfect combination of dehumidification and air handling

Drying chamber DC01


We develop, design and manufacture food drying systems for batch or continuous processing to meet your specific requirements.


Drying is generally a process in which moisture is removed from a solid material by evaporation into a gas stream. When a wet material is placed in a moist air environment where the vapor tension is less than the surface of the material, evaporation of the liquid from its surface occurs. Moisture is transferred from the surface of the material to the air.


The key to successful drying is the perfect combination of dehumidification and air conduction. At low temperature, the extremely dry and thus unsaturated air passes through the air to the exact place where it is to absorb moisture. This process – condensation drying based on a heat pump – is applied to the chamber type.

The principle of heat pump drying chamber

The system consists of one drying chamber and at least one dehumidification module. The purpose of the dehumidification module is to provide the required process air. The drying chamber is where the actual drying takes place.

Drying in a closed air circuit – no supply or exhaust air

Drying chamber DC01 - description of drying in a closed air circuit (without supply and exhaust air)​​​​​

1. Moist air passes from the drying chamber to the dehumidification module.
2. Moisture condenses on the fins of the air cooler and passes through the collector to the condensate drain where it leaves the dehumidification module.
3. The air heater heats the dry air to the desired process temperature.
4. The process air fan circulates the air between the dehumidification module and the drying chamber.
5. The dry, unsaturated air is routed to the drying chamber where it mixes with the main recirculation air and flows over or through the items to be dried.
6. The main recirculation air circulates within the drying chamber to ensure even drying.

Multi-functional wheeled trolleys with trays are brought into the drying chamber by a mobile wheeled robot. The products are dried on these trays, with air flowing horizontally between them. Our food drying system is made of stainless steel as standard and can be cleaned in accordance with current food standards.

Key benefits of our solution:

  • Quality of the final product - positive drying results (aroma, appearance, bioactivity)
  • Condensate - valuable substances can be retained and can be processed for further use
  • Drying takes place in a closed air system - no interaction with ambient air, climate independent, reproducible processes
  • Process reliability - control and monitoring of parameters, different programs can be set, data analysis

imageDrying chamber DC01

imageFoods to be dried: fruit, meat, herbs and confectionery

imageDrying complex consisting of DC01 chambers

imageDrying complex consisting of DC01 chambers