Equipment for the homogenization of tailings

Technological solution for wet processing of stockpiles


Name of contract:  Equipment for the homogenization of tailings
Term of delivery:    2016-2017

The existing heaps of slag and coal processing plants from the Ostrava area, located in the area of Heřmanice and Hrušov, contain materials that can still be used. The aim of this project was to produce these reusable raw materials, but also to prevent the further spread of the burning of the heap and free up the land underneath for further use. The goal was to use this part of the heap and clean up the environment around it. 
Our task was to ensure all the necessary deliveries and installations associated with the electrical part (HV + LV) and control of the entire technology.



The technological solution itself is based on the preference for wet treating the raw material at the location using combined gravitational-centrifugal procedures, which must allow for a sufficiently selective division of useful components according to the difference in the density of the coal and tailings. The dominant equipment of the technology are heavy-duty hydrocyclones and sludge gravity separators, so it concerns the principle of physical treatment, without the use of chemical processes, with a closed sludge loop (machine sludge terminal), and without the need to build a tailings pond for fine-grained tailings waste. 
This technological solution of wet material treatment eliminates in the final stage the risks associated with the latent combustion of the slag heap in question.

The equipment produces the following materials:
•    Aggregates 8-32 mm intended for construction use
•    Material 0.3-8 mm intended for terrain modeling and land reclamation
•    Washed black coal 0.3-32 mm
•    Pellets 0-0.3 mm usable for land reclamation or for further processing in the future


The electrical and control part was done as a comprehensive delivery, i.e. turnkey:

Scope of our delivery: 
•    Wiring the facility, including grounding and lightning protection for the building 
•    Delivering a new HV/LV transformer station 
•    Outfitting the LV electrical substation 
•    Cable routes, including the appropriate cabling 
•    Delivering the control system + SW, including the operator’s workplace (control room)



Key benefits of our solution:

  • Comprehensive control system based on our solutions with the control systems of the treatment complexes
  • Detailed information on the operating conditions of the entire technology, including archiving the required data
  • Easy and clear operation of the entire facility


imageInteriors of the switchboards with electrical equipment


image The switchboards