Leak tester – station

Leak tester – station

The fundamental element of modular equipment for testing coolers

Leak tester – station

Leak tester – station

Name of equipment: Leak tester station 
Number of workstations within this equipment: 1
Term of delivery: 2018


The leak tester station is the major part of modular equipment that is able to test different types of coolers. A single station can test various kinds of coolers just by changing the test trolley. The testing equipment unit consists of two parts: leak tester + LT trolley (instrument).

Width: 1720 mm
Depth: 2300 mm
Height: 2300 mm
Operational pressure: 0.6 MPa
Weight: approximately 1150 kg


Main parts of the leak tester station

1) Front light barriers
2) Leak test units
3) Vacuum pump
4) Leak test reference volume
5) Control panel with buttons, switches and lights
6) Barcode printer


Example and description of the main screen of the leak tester operations panel:

Example and description of the main screen of the leak tester operations panel

1) Current date and time
2) Door lock switch
3) Status indicator for each station
4) Currently selected mode
5) Current machine, instrument, and type number
6) Button for the next Service screen
7) Button for the next Parameters screen
8) Button for the next screen Work station


• Equipment designed from ITEM profiles
• Solid panels as fixed surfaces or as doors
• An optical safety barrier secures the working space of the machine 
• Integrated control, power supply, signalling and pneumatic control, including measuring and reference circuits
• Connecting the LT trolley via Harting connectors for power supply and Staubli couplings for pneumatic energy
• Vacuum pump for testing located on the roof of the tester

Key benefits of our solution:

  • The modularity of the equipment – LT trolleys make it possible to use the equipment for testing several types of coolers
  • The proven quality of the design – many repeated deliveries of this equipment throughout the world
  • Our equipment is used for testing coolers for all major brands like VW, AMG, BMW, HONDA, VOLVO, FIAT, RENAULT, AUDI and more

image​​​​​​Leak tester – station + LT trolley (instrument)

imageLeak tester – station (Leak test units)