Assembly line for the EGR valve - Audi V6

Montážní linka pro EGR ventil

Semi-automated production line of our own design for assembling the 3rd generation Audi EGR valve with subsequent adaptation for the alternative assembly of the 2nd generation EGR valve.

Assembly line for the EGR valve – Audi V6

Name of contract: Development and delivery of an assembly line for the Audi V6 EGR valve
Term of delivery: 2015-2016

The project was launched at the customer´s inquiry for automated production of the EGR valve for a new generation of Audi cars. The specification was finalized at subsequent technical meetings, and a decision was reached to construct the line out of individual operator-manned stations. During the line´s construction, the project was expanded to include modifications to enable the lines to produce the previous generation of EGR valves.

Line cycle: 60 sec / pc
Capacity: 350-400 valves / shift


MACHINE 1: V-seal cartridge assembly – complete automation of the cassette assembly process from 4 separate parts. MORE HERE 

MACHINE 2: Pressing the bushing and V-seal cartridge into the valve housing – the operator puts the parts into the jigs. The machine does the automatic pressing and crimping of both parts into the valve housing at six workplaces. MORE HERE

MACHINE 3: Assembling the roller and pressing the pinion into the DC-motor – complete automation of the workstation for assembling the roller (with roller bush). The operator likewise oversees the operation of the semi-automatic workstation where the pinion is pressed into the DC-motor. MORE HERE

MACHINE 4: Completing of the EGR valve stem sub-assembly – automation of completion of the stem sub-assembly, which is done under an operator´s supervision at 12 workstations within one machine. MORE HERE

MACHINE 5: Assembling the ball bearing into the mounting sheet and pressing the spring and gear wheel assembly – cleaning and welding the ball bearing to the mounting sheet and the automation of the process of pressing the spring and gear wheel assembly into the welded ball bearing after assembly by the operator. MORE HERE

MACHINE 6: Pressing the screw and laser welding of the bearing bracket – workstation automation with one operator for pressing the screw onto the gear shaft and complete automation of the workstation for assembling the bearing bracket and laser welding it to the mounting sheet. MORE HERE

MACHINE 7: Lubricating the screw and assembling the valve housing, internal components and valve mounting sheet – the operator puts the individual components into the equipment, which then automatically screws the parts into the nearly complete valve unit. MORE HERE

MACHINE 8: Welding the stainless steel poppet and assembling the valve housing  – automation of welding the stainless steel poppet to the wheel assembly and aligning the valve housing. MORE HERE

MACHINE 9: Testing the tightness and operation of the valve – the operator performs the manual installation of the finished valve, all testing activities and the in-jet marking of the valve is entirely automated. MORE HERE



  • Automated line of TEMEX design
  • COGNEX + KEYENCE vision systems 
  • COGNEX DMC code readers
  • Part manipulators of TEMEX design
  • ROX vibrating input feeders
  • TOX servo presses
  • ATEQ air testers
  • FESTO vacuum and pneumatic technology
  • Electric screwdrivers with fully automatic feeding of screws of our TEMEX production + DESOUTTER screwdrivers
  • KEYENCE analogue measuring systems
  • FESTO electric servo axles
  • RAVEO servo drives
  • HBM load cells for force measurements
  • MEATEST torque measurements
  • Laser welding with TRUMPF source using PFO 2D TRUMPF head
  • WEISS/STASTO 6-position and 12-position rotary table 
  • EOL valve test and programming it using EMTRONICS and MELEXIS technology
  • The housing of our design from ITEM Al profiles


Key benefits of our solution:

  • Full automation of assembly of some sub-assemblies
  • Minimization of scrap to the threshold of 0%
  • Product completion times shorter
  • The versatility of the line for the production of two generations of EGR valves
  • Savings on financial costs for the manual work of employees

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